As an avid reader of your paper who has strong interest in our surrounding Jewish communities, I have a right to judge and suggest. My beef is with the Noshes column on page 5. To put tidbits about who’s Jewish in the beginning of your issues on a weekly basis is offensive to me and my Jewish heritage. The feature articles on community news and Israel seem to take second place, and I always have to bypass the Noshes page in order to get to the important news. Go ahead, keep the Noshes page, but put it in the back section, where it belongs. At the same time I have no problem, as Rabbi Engelmayer did, with occasional feature articles on celebrities and sports figures who may be remotely Jewish. After all, we are all star-struck and it’s titillating to read about Jewish (or remotely Jewish) people who have achieved superstar status and stardom, whether it be in sports, entertainment, or in the Olympics. But let’s get back to priorities; what comes first should be important. I’m hoping for a revision of your layout just so the message will be clear for us all.