The column by Rabbi Shmuely Boteach is consistently well-written and relevant. I daresay that many read his columns because Rabbi Boteach is a “man of the cloth” and has a unique perspective. In light of this, it was disappointing to see the column about Michael Jackson containing Oprah-like tidbits about Mr. Jackson’s life. I am less concerned about his Shabbat meals and gifting habits and more concerned about moral and ethical issues.

What I would have preferred would have been a discussion about the purported child abuse, Mr. Jackson’s use of anti-Semitic lyrics, and his well-known friendships with people of checkered history. How did a rabbi react to these matters? Were they discussed with Mr. Jackson? Rabbi Boteach clearly knows many people. The unique Jewish perspective he possesses is what should be showcased in The Jewish Standard. This reporting would greatly enrich the Standard’s readership and expand its horizons. This is what I, as one reader, would have wanted to see in a farewell article about this complex individual.