The Dec. 26 article on the Sanhedria Children’s Home was moving for me both on a personal and emotional level. Over the years, my son, Rabbi Mordechai Kaplan, the student activities coordinator of Yeshiva Lev Hatorah in Ramat Shillo/Ramat Beit Shemesh, has always marveled about the enormous accomplishments of the program. Kudos to the director, Miriam Braun, who has been instrumental in improving the quality of lives for these children in need. Because of her efforts and determination, it continues to be a wonderful haven in helping to nurture their mental and physical well-being at a critical time in their growing years. It is truly amazing how after each visit, Ms. Braun would send us, as parents in America, a letter of acknowledgement and praise for our son’s organized visitations. It continues to impress me how diligent Ms. Braun is in taking the time from her busy schedule to follow up with a warm note of thanks. Ms. Braun has become a role model and an inspiration.