An American Jew was shopping on Piccadilly, in London .
He entered the posh gourmet food store, Fortnum & Mason.
A salesman in a morning coat – with tie and tails – approached and asked,
‘May I be of service to you, sir?’

‘Yes,’ replied the customer, ‘I’d like a pound of lox.’

‘Sorry, sir,’ answered the smug salesman, ‘Do you mean ‘smoked salmon’?

‘Okay, a pound of smoked salmon.’

‘Anything else?’

‘Yes, a dozen blintzes.’

‘I believe you mean crepes.’

‘Okay, a dozen crepes.’

‘Anything else?’

‘Yes. A pound of chopped liver.’

‘You are probably referring to pate.’

‘Okay,’ said the customer, ‘a pound of pate, and could you deliver this Saturday? ‘

‘Sorry, sir,’ said the salesman, ‘We don’t schlep chazzerai on Shabbos.’